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The Obligatory New Year’s Post 2016


Yet Another New Year’s Article

The Obligatory New Year's Post 2016I can hear it now. “(Groan) It’s another New Year’s article.” I promise to keep this brief.

The days leading up to New Year’s is a natural time to feel more introspective. My normal habit is to retreat, contemplate the year before, do an inventory of what got done (and what didn’t), and set some goals for the coming year.

This year was no exception, though it felt more intense than in years past.¬† Last year was one of production and isolation. I’m not entirely sure how it all got done, and I know that pace isn’t sustainable. I was a bit of a recluse the entire month of December. The break I took was needed, but it’s time to get on with things.

I set a more reasonable pace for day-job related goals. But, I also made sure to include more time with the spindle, more writing for pleasure, more devotional projects. If I don’t block the time out in a scheduler and refuse to schedule anything else during that time slot, that time ends up being lost on work or social media.

By setting goals, I don’t mean resolutions or nebulous “I want to (insert resolution here) this year.” I mean list the individual goals, pick dates when each goals will be met, and sort out the steps to make those goals happen.

A Personal Holy Tide

The observation of this transition from one year to the next has become a sacred personal custom, just as important to me as any of the other holy tides our household keeps. The night before New Year’s Eve, I write out my goals. The goals with the most importance and the most spiritual significance, become oaths for the coming year.¬†Runes are pulled to see how these goals will impact the year ahead.

The following night, New Year’s Eve, I review them. I make sure these are my top priorities for the year ahead, and if so, I speak my oaths into into the great well (represented by either a horn of mead, or perhaps a cup of my favorite liquor, Celtic Honey). This is then poured upon the ground.

Oaths for 2016

For 2016, I oathed to:

  • Complete the Anglo-Saxon Healer Course I began writing in 2015.
  • Complete the ADF Dedicant Program.
    A year long course that I finally have time to put real attention to completing.
  • Gain proficiency in archery by going to the local archery lanes once a week.

Most of that is self-explanatory, except the first item. The Anglo-Saxon Healer Course is largely based on Stephen Pollington’s book, Leechcraft: Early English Charms, Plantlore, and Healing. I started it last year as a devotional work to Woden, but time constraints put it on the back burner. It is heavy in Anglo-Saxon herbal lore, Anglo-Saxon concepts of health, the role of the healer, and my own UPG on the matter. UPG is noted where it is included.

One more project… maybe

I had one other thought, but this was not something I oathed to do this year. It would take some research, because I’m not sure how to make it happen. But, I am thinking of putting together a non-profit organization for women who engage in martial arts as a devotional practice to a god or goddess associated with battle. Lots to research, not sure if there is a need for such an organization at the moment. It’s a thought that just won’t go away.

But, I’m supposed to take it easier this year.


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