October 28

Tarot Tuesday: 10-27-20


Welcome back to another Tarot Tuesday!

This Tarot Tuesday post is a touch late. Today has been an exceptionally busy day. But, when you hear what I’ve been working on, I don’t think anyone will mind.

I’ve been working on a free Intro to Runes e-course!

The e-course will be limited to:

  • The Elder Futhark runes and their traditional meanings
  • Some of my personal observations from over 30 years of reading runes for the public
  • How to do a rune reading.

As soon as I know for certain when it will be available, I will make a big announcement.

For now, let’s get back to your free tarot reading.

Tarot Tuesday | The Herbcrafter's Tarot | Free online tarot reading | Freya Swan | WildSwanWoman.com

How to Participate in Tarot Tuesday

Take a moment to get comfortable. Become still and take several slow breaths. Take however many breaths as you need to feel calm. When you feel at peace, ask to be shown what you need to know most right now.  Then, look at the image below.

To which card are you drawn? Which card pulls you towards it? Select card A, B, or C.

Now, watch the video below for the reveal.


How Did I Do?

I hope you enjoyed your reading. If you felt you had a positive experience and got something out of it, please leave me a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

About the Deck

Today, I am using my new deck, The Herbcrafter’s Tarot. This deck is fast becoming a trusted friend. The imagery is beautiful, and I love being able to add another layer of understanding through the plant connection. If you’d like to check out this deck further, it’s available on Amazon here.

Runes Wednesday

Normally, tomorrow would be Runes Wednesday. However, I am booked for readings the entire day. If I can fit it in, I will. If not, I will catch you all again on Oracle Thursday.

Tarot Tuesday | Free online tarot reading | Freya Swan | WildSwanWoman.com


Tarot, Tarot Tuesday, The Herbcrafter's Tarot

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