Services & Availability

Services are available via online meetings, phone meetings, email, and in person.

Freya is currently available for services in person services at The Soul Purpose on the first Saturday of each month.



Herbal Consultations | Freya Swan | Natural Health and Wellness | Wise Woman | Wild Witchery Herbals |





An alternative, complementary, and holistic approach to health, Freya’s herbal consultations have roots in Traditional Western Herbalism, Germanic/Anglo-Saxon herbal lore, as well as evidence-based, clinical herbalism.


Initial Consultation, $100*: 1-hour, includes client intake & health history, and detailed action plan.

Existing Client Consult, $25-$75*: 1/2 to 1-hour

*Sliding scale and payment arrangements available on a financial needs basis. 

Consultations do not include cost of herbs. You may obtain your herbs and remedies from any source you wish. Freya will provide sources for herbal material and instructions for making your own remedies, recommendations for commercially-prepared remedies, or Freya may craft them for you for a small donation to cover her costs.

Please be aware that an herbal consultation is not a replacement for medical advice. If you need medical advice, please seek out a licensed physician.



Intuitive Consultations | Tarot | Runes | Readings | Spirit Work | Freya Swan |





Freya offers various types of readings, both online and in the Southeastern MA area. Freya’s skillset includes trance & seidr, tarot, runes, channeling, oracle cards, ogham, scrying, and more.

In-Person Rates

25-minutes, $40

55-minutes, $75

Online Rates

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For ethical reasons, Freya does not take medical, legal, or investment questions. Please direct those to the proper, licensed professionals. Freya also does not take questions regarding lottery numbers. Readings do not supercede the questioner’s free will. Clients must reach their own conclusions on what to do (or not to do) with the results of a seership session.



Reiki | Distance Healing | Sound Healing | Herbal Healing Smoke Ritual | Freya Swan |





Freya is a Reiki Master/Teacher in traditional Usui Reiki. She provides reiki sessions and classes, including distance reiki. Freya also offers other forms of energy work for in-person sessions to help clients return themselves to wholeness after energetic injury (psychic attack, generational wounds, etc).

In-Person Rates

25-minutes, $40

55-minutes, $75

In addition to reiki, and depending upon a client’s needs, a session might also include:

  • Laying on of Stones
  • Tuning forks
  • Herbal smoke and/or aromatherapy

Online Rates

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Please be aware that a reiki or energy session is not a replacement for medical advice or treatment. If you need medical advice or treatment, please seek out a licensed physician.



House Blessing | Land Blessing |Sacred Space Consultation | Freya Swan |





Clear your property and living space of past and unhelpful energy. Fill it with luck, love, and prosperity with a clearing and blessing for your home and property.

Freya is available to perform house and land blessings locally (Southeastern MA/RI area) and (Midcoast Maine area)

For those outside her local areas, Freya offers Sacred Space Consultations where she coaches you through the process for clearing, claiming, blessing, and/or warding your own space.

House and Land Blessing, $50-$100



Pagan Ceremony | Heathen Ceremony | Druid Ceremony | Weddings | Rite of Passage | Clergy Services | Freya Swan |





Ceremonies available for a variety of life’s turning points.

Some ceremonies have a small fee (private ceremonies, like weddings) and/or are available with a donation to a local charity (open to the public).