October 29

Oracle Thursday: 10-29-20


Welcome to Oracle Thursday! Each Thursday, I pick an oracle deck for a free, community reading.

Oracle Thursday | Wisdom of the Hidden Realms | Freya Swan | WildSwanWoman.com

Way of Brighid Oracle Cards

This particular Thursday is rainy and gray, with a distinct chill in the air. I’ve been busy in the kitchen baking for Winternights, Samhain, and the Full Moon, so my home is plenty cozy.

It’s this cozy and warm feel to my home that got me thinking about my hearth goddess, Brighid. Since I do not have an actual fireplace and hearth, I have a small statue of Brighid on my stove instead. Each morning, I place a cup of heavy cream on the stove as an offering to Brighid.

With Brighid on the mind, I chose the Way of Brighid oracle cards for today’s Oracle Thursday. I encourage you to check out this deck in its creator’s Etsy shop.

My Method

I start each session by grounding, centering, and entering a light meditative state. I select three cards: A, B, and C. It’s my intention that the cards selected will have a message for the people who are drawn to that particular card.

On the Way of Brighid cards, there is a pre-printed message. I use these as a jumping off point for my own channeled messages from Brighid.

How to Participate

Take a moment to get comfortable and calm. Use slow, deep breaths to relax and release tension. When your mind is clear, ask to be shown what you need to know most at this point in time. What message do you need right now?

Take a moment to look at the cards. Pick A, B, or C. Then, watch the video with the reveal. The timings are included in case you wish to skip to that point.

I have also posted the individual cards at the very bottom of this post. Scroll down after the video to see them up close.

The Cards Revealed and Channeled Messages


How did I do? I would love your feedback. Leave them in the comments below.

Tomorrow: Reiki Friday for Deepening Intuition

Each Friday, I share a reiki-charged video, either for general wellness or with a specific intention. Tomorrow, I will share a reiki video I made for deepening your intuition.

While I experienced psychic phenomena as far back into childhood as I can remember, my intuition and psychic senses went through the roof after my first reiki attunement. In my experience, Reiki is a wonderful and effective way to increase your own intuitive abilities. I’m sure you’ll enjoy tomorrow’s Reiki Friday.

Oracle Thursday | Way of Brighid Oracle Cards | Freya Swan | wildswanwoman.com

Reveal Photos- Do Not Look At Before Viewing Video

Oracle Thursday | Way of Brighid Oracle Cards | Freya Swan | WildSwanWoman.com
Card A









Oracle Thursday | Way of Brighid Oracle Cards | Freya Swan | WildSwanWoman.com
Card B









Oracle Thursday | Way of Brighid Oracle Cards | Freya Swan | WildSwanWoman.com
Card C











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