October 22

Oracle Thursday- 10-22-2020


Today is Oracle Thursday! Today, I used the Wisdom of the Hidden Realms oracle deck.

Oracle Thursday | Wisdom of the Hidden Realms | Freya Swan | WildSwanWoman.com

What is Oracle Thursday

My Thursday offering is an oracle card reading or a reading with the divinatory tool of my choice. I have a number of oracle decks that I enjoy working with.

I admit, I am a divination junkie. I adore trying out divinatory tools and systems. Occasionally, I may pick one of these on Thursdays instead of one of my oracle decks.

How to Participate

Just like if you came to me for a reading in person, take a moment to get comfortable. Take several deep breaths. Relax. Ask to be shown what you need to know most at this time.

When the video gets to the point where you see three cards, pick between A, B, and C. Select the one to which you are most drawn.

Then, watch the reveal and interpretation. If you’re watching on YouTube, you can click on the time to jump to your card’s interpretation.

How did I do? I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments below!

Tomorrow- Reiki Friday

Tomorrow morning, I’ll be posting a Reiki Friday video. This will be 11:11 minutes of reiki with the focus of self-acceptance and self-love. Please take a moment to sign up for my newsletter to be the first to get notified of my latest videos and articles, like today’s Oracle Thursday and tomorro’s Reiki Friday.

Get Your Own Private Reading

I hope you’ve been enjoying these freebie, public, group readings. I’ve had a lot of positive feedback from them. I am available for private, online readings and distance reiki. Please check out my Etsy shop’s available services to book your session. Be on the lookout for my handmade rune sets and herbal crafts in my Etsy shop which will be available in time for Yuletide shopping.

Oracle Thursday | Wisdom of the Hidden Realms | Freya Swan | WildSwanWoman.com


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