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The Morrigan’s Blessing: A Battle Prayer

By Freya Swan / October 27, 2017
The Morrigan's Blessing | A Battle Prayer | Freya Swan | www.WildSwanWoman.com


Seasonal Shifts

For whatever reason, perhaps because of the uptick in crow encounters near my home, I shift from my largely Freyja-centered customs, to more Morrigan-centered customs. I give offerings to both throughout the year. Each autumn, however, my focus turns to The Great Queen.

The morning this prayer surfaced, crows had been cawing, the wind was loudly whipping, and the rain was driving against the window. I lit the candles in the wall sconces, and decided to tidy up the house a bit. Rosestead had become a bit disorganized with the family having been stuck home for a few days with a nasty cold.

With everyone finally feeling better and out of the house, I started to clean. One minute I was washing dishes. The next, I was typing out a battle prayer.

The Morrigan's Blessing | A Battle Prayer | Crow | Red | The Morrigan | Freya Swan | www.WildSwanWoman.com

Inspiration Is Odd

Every once in a while, something will surface. Sometimes, it’s words. Sometimes it’s a melody. When it comes, it comes like a flood, pouring words and/or notes onto the page.

The following poem, The Blessing, is the result of one of these floods. After sitting with it for two days, I made a few minor changes. It is, however, edited only slightly.


The Morrigan’s Blessing

Give me the crows, the cold, and the rain,
Give me the darkness to heal my pain.
Give me the knife to draw blood from vein.
Give me your blessing, Great Queen!

My tears, my fears, my burning heart,
My anger, sent out as a poisoned dart.
My vengeance unstoppable from the start.
Give me your blessing, Great Queen!

The screeching, the shrieking, the ripping sound,
The heads from their bodies fall to the Ground.
The blood of my enemies is everywhere found.
Give me your blessing, Great Queen!


For those who prefer graphics…

The Morrigan's Blessing | A Battle Prayer | Freya Swan | www.WildSwanWoman.com



More About the Morrigan

The Morrigan is many things- fierce, powerful, full of magic, death, and blessings. She is a goddess of Sovereignty and the Land. Two wonderful books on The Morrigan and Her various forms, of Macha, Badb, Anu, and related lore, rituals, and prayers, check out Morgan Daimler’s, Pagan Portals- The Morrigan: Meeting the Great Queens, and Stephanie Woodfield’s, Celtic Lore & Spellcraft of the Dark Goddess: Invoking the Morrigan.



About the author

Freya Swan

Freya Swan is a Germanic and Celtic polytheist, animist, and witch. Freya's enjoys herbalism, healing customs, spinning and fiber arts, and seidr. She also practices martial arts as a devotional practice to the Morrigan, including krav maga, archery, and target shooting. Freya has been reading tarot and runes for over 30 years and is also a Reiki Master.

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