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By Freya Swan / September 28, 2015
Checking back in |

Checking back in | www.WildSwanWoman.comThe past nine months went somewhere. Not sure where. Oh… that’s right! After my herbal book, I wrote another on pandemics. While these were Non-Heathen books, one does have a discreet “thank you” to Woden in the acknowledgements. Anyway, a lot of time has passed since I blogged here. With the 2nd book is on its way to the printer, it’s back to writing about more personal things!

Lots of things have happened during the course of these many months. I’ve been somewhat artsy/craftsy, working on improving my spinning. I’m still park and draft with the drop spindle, but the work is coming out more even and showing definite improvement. Spinning1

I also made a new drum. Music has been a major part of my life, and it is natural for me to incorporate it into my spiritual practices. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but music, chanting, singing, drumming, and even dancing (I’m a horrible dancer, but I do it anyway) make my personal rites more powerful and moving. The new drum is oval shaped and has a buffalo hide. The sound is very deep

Sacred Drum | Trance | Seidr | Siden |

As an update/boast from my last post about oaths and whole-making. While it has been slow going, progress has been steady. The knee moves better, and I can walk for longer periods of time without pain. Up and down stairs are still tough, going down ramps are misery, and there were a couple of minor setbacks when I got a little over confident. The overall direction, however, has been towards improvement. Nothing to do but to keep at it!

Improving knee oath upheld and ongoing? Check. Whole-making in progress? Check. Anglo-Saxon herbal & healing methods course oath? Ch… um wait… ok, there’s still time before the year is out.

As for this blog, I plan to write about the progress made on oaths, concepts like reciprocity and gift giving, why hospitality is so important, probably some articles on seership, and maybe a few thoughts on holy days, etc.

And yes, I know I need to tidy up the blog a bit from the WordPress Theme’s default text in various places on the pages here. Working on that too!

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