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Freya Swan

Freya Swan is a member of the ADF Druids with a hybrid Heathen and Celtic hearth. Freya's practice has an emphasis on herbal lore, healing customs, spinning and fiber arts, seidr, as well as martial arts as a devotional practice to the Morrigan.


The Morrigan’s Blessing: A Battle Prayer

By Freya Swan / October 27, 2017

  Seasonal Shifts For whatever reason, perhaps because of the uptick in crow encounters near my home, I shift from my largely Freyja-centered customs, to more Morrigan-centered customs. I give offerings to both throughout the year. Each autumn, however, my focus turns to The Great Queen. The morning this prayer surfaced, crows had been cawing, […]


When a Witch Moves House

By Freya Swan / December 1, 2016

Honey, where did you want to put the Woden statue? After eleven years, we moved to a different apartment in our house. We have been busy getting settled and organizing the new space, which is very different than our last. We have also been preparing the other units for rent, cleaning and preparing to upgrade […]


Seeking the Sacred, Part 1

By Freya Swan / July 25, 2016

Do You Collect Spirit Helpers? A popular trend among modern spiritually-minded practitioners is a tendency to value the non-physical world over the physical world. Even among many who claim to be “Earth-centered”, the value seems to be placed in the spirit realm. Sure, the non-physical world is loaded with spirits. So if we can connect […]


Just Who Do You Think You Are?

By Freya Swan / June 7, 2016

WARNING: This article contains UPG (Unverifyable Personal Gnosis). It’s true for me. It does not have to be true for anyone else. A little over two months ago, the absolute best thing that could have happened to me happened. I hit rock bottom. I reached that place where you pick yourself up and change everything […]


Book Review: Warrior Goddess Training

By Freya Swan / February 16, 2016

A significant aspect of my devotional work includes physical fitness and martial arts. Anything that increases strength, fitness, discipline, and what might be considered a warrior skill (like krav maga, swordfighting, target shooting, etc.), makes my heart sing. But, more than that, I feel compelled to dedicate time daily in this pursuit as a form […]


The Obligatory New Year’s Post 2016

By Freya Swan / January 4, 2016

Yet Another New Year’s Article I can hear it now. “(Groan) It’s another New Year’s article.” I promise to keep this brief. The days leading up to New Year’s is a natural time to feel more introspective. My normal habit is to retreat, contemplate the year before, do an inventory of what got done (and […]


Minding the Spirits of Place

By Freya Swan / October 14, 2015

In Heathenry, we have land spirits. Depending upon your branch of Heathenry, you might be more inclined to call them land wights or landvættir, but we are talking about a type of nature spirit associated with a particular place. In some places, like Iceland, you may even find construction crews reluctant to move a rock […]


Checking back in

By Freya Swan / September 28, 2015

The past nine months went somewhere. Not sure where. Oh… that’s right! After my herbal book, I wrote another on pandemics. While these were Non-Heathen books, one does have a discreet “thank you” to Woden in the acknowledgements. Anyway, a lot of time has passed since I blogged here. With the 2nd book is on […]


Oath-Taking and Whole-Making

By Freya Swan / December 31, 2014

Growing up in a culture saturated with Judeo-Christian values, we inherit that worldview. It doesn’t matter if your family were of a minority religion or not, you still are influenced by its unrelenting presence. Whether promoting it or rebelling against it, Judeo-Christian culture can be found influencing our literature, art, music, etc. Reconctruction might then […]

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