About Freya

Hello Dear Readers,

My name is Freya Swan and welcome to my site where I blog about the old ways- both the wild witchery to be found out in the lonely woods, as well as of the warmth and worth found in the hall.

Freya SwanA little about me, I was raised Roman Catholic, but developed a fascination with the goddess Freyja when I was about 5 or 6 years old. I would pray to her silently at night along with my Catholic prayers. Growing up, I could hear and sense the dead and was fascinated by Astrology.

In my teens, I learned to read tarot and began to learn spellcraft. Eventually, I left the Catholic faith to become Wiccan, and was so for about 17 years. While it was a better fit for me, it still wasn’t quite right.

These days I am more accurately described as a polytheist and animist with a focus on Germanic and Celtic hearth cultures. I would adore it if there were a shorter, catchy term for this. For now, “witch” will do.

For that day job thing, I’m an herbalist, massage therapist, energy worker, and teach various classes on herbs, runes, and other such witchy goodness.

The White Lady

There has been a major shift in my devotional work. While I honor mostly Germanic and Celtic deities, there is one who I honor above all others. I call her, The White Lady. She is sometimes akin to Freyja, Frigga, Frau Holle, and others. Yet, she is not any one of them. They are not aspects of Her either. She feels related to them, but older. Ancient.

She appears almost elven, or fae, but not exactly. There is both the frithweaving grace of the Lady of the Hall, and the stormcalling Witch of the Wild Places. She is the Lady of the Woods. She could grant or take life. She is the Mother of Magic. Don’t try to put her in a box. Trying to limit Her is like attempting to nail down water.

Other bits of interest…

I also have devotional practices to the Morrigan, more specifically, Macha, as well as Brigid, Woden, and Eir. There may be other assorted spirits, land based, ancestral, and just “other”. But that’s tale for another time.

Pass times… If I’m not knitting or doing something fiber-related, I enjoy creating crafty things with natural and primitive materials like herbs, stone, bone and skins.  I love wild places, especially mountains, forests, and the ocean.