About Freya

Hello Dear Readers,

Freya Swan | WildSwanWoman.comMy name is Freya Swan and welcome to my site where I blog about my witchy life and interests. This runs the gamut from the wild witchery found outside in the lonely woods, to the comforting charms found closer to the hearth and home. I tend to gravitate towards seership & divination, energy work, and all things herbal.

Like many of you coming to this site, I’ve been “different” for as long as I can remember. I would dream things before they happened, get messages from the dead, and could hear spirits when I played the piano. I have been drawn to the goddess, Freyja, since I was 5 years old. Growing up, I was fascinated by astrology and palmistry. In my teens, I learned to read tarot and spellcraft.

My witchcraft is a mix of skillsets and traditions. I’m an animist polytheist that draws from Germanic and Celtic traditions, and I was recently adopted into an Italian coven. Labels can be limiting, and I haven’t found anything that covers all I do. So, I tend to go with something generic, like “wise woman”. Though, I have been called völva, druid, and strega.

I’m an herbalist, massage therapist, energy worker, and teach various classes on herbs, runes, and other such witchy deliciousness.

The White Lady

There is one who I honor above all others, The White Lady. She is sometimes akin to Freyja, Frigga, Frau Holle, and others. Yet, she is not any one of them. They are not aspects of Her either. She feels related to them, but older. Ancient.

She appears almost elven, or fae, but not exactly. There is both the frithweaving grace of the Lady of the Hall, and the stormcalling Witch of the Wild Places. She is the Lady of the Woods and Mountains. She could grant or take life. She is the Mother of Magic. Don’t try to put her in a box. Trying to limit Her is like attempting to nail down water.

Other bits of interest…

I have devotional practices to the Morrigan, more specifically, Macha, as well as Brigid, Woden, Eir, Diana, and Apollo. In addition, there are other assorted spirits, land based, ancestral, and just “other”, to whom I offer. It’s a lot of work, but worth it.

Hobbies… If I’m not knitting or doing something fiber-related, I enjoy creating crafty things with natural and primitive materials like herbs, stone, bone and skins.  I love wild places, especially mountains, forests, and the ocean, but also the comfort of my own hearth and gardens.